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SuperDog City
Big woofs for dropping by! We're the crème de la crème of San Francisco's walking scene. Let your pup join the ultimate party! From diverse group times to energy-packed activities, we cater to you and your dog's style. With a whopping 20 years of expertise, we'll find the ultimate pack for your furry friend!
About Me

Hi there, I'm Mike, the passionate dog enthusiast behind SuperDog City since we took over in 2019. Having spent 20 wonderful years surrounded by our four-legged friends, I've turned my love for dogs into a mission at SuperDog City.

At our heart, we believe that dog walks are more than just a stroll; they're opportunities for joy, connection, and tail-wagging adventures. With 20 years of hands-on experience, I've curated a team dedicated to ensuring every walk is a memorable experience for your furry family members.

At SuperDog City, we take pride in fostering not just physical exercise but also building strong bonds and creating lasting memories. Your pup isn't just a client – they're part of our extended family. Join us on this exciting journey, where each walk becomes a chapter in a paw-some tale filled with love, laughter, and endless canine camaraderie!


Leading the Pack: Head of SDC with Paw Pals

Pawesome Services and Wag-tastic Fees!

FREE Strolls for Our Future Paw-spective Customers! 

Free walks for committed inquiries only! Schedule an interview for the paw-fect match for your furry friend.

 60 min: FREE

Pawscape Walk

Fixed Monthly Plan:

  • 1 dog, 1 walk per day              

 60 min: $600.00

Double Trouble Walks

Fixed Monthly Plan:

  • 2 dogs, 1 walk per day

  • 1 dog, 2 walks per day        

 60 min per each walk: $1,100.00


Fixed Monthly Plan:

  • 2 dogs, 3+ walks per day

  • 1 dog, 3+ walks per day            

60 min per each walk: Reach out to us for pricing details.

Flexi-Paw Walkabouts

Fixed Plan:

  • 12 walks/month: $35 each

  • Under 12 walks: $40 each     

 60 min: Refer to the Prices Above

Boarding Barkscape

Exclusive Boarding for Our Pawesome Walking Pals. Limited Spots, Book Ahead for Tail-Wagging Adventures!

SuperDog City's PawPosse

Contact Me
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